My name is Jenny Keavey and I am married to Kenneth Keavey. We own, and Kenneth runs, Green Earth Organics, an organic farm in Galway and an organic home delivery business that delivers fresh organic produce and much more to homes all over Ireland. We have an office in Galway and Dublin and our own vans deliver our fantastic organic produce in Dublin, Wicklow, Galway, Mayo, Clare and Limerick.  You can also get a box delivered outside our own delivery areas by an excellent courier service.

As a busy mum of three I find myself at the hub of our family, the glue that holds us all together, and that frequently happens in the kitchen. Cooking, chatting, doing homework, washing, cleaning, tidying, art, painting, drawing, playing… everything happens at our kitchen table.

The food we eat is a major part of our family life, and we all try to sit down together whenever schedules allow. Over the years I have become adept at managing all our different tastes and preferences (children who will only eat carrots and peas, or only eat rice when it is ‘pink’ with beetroot juice, a husband who loves pizza, me in my raw food only phase and so on…), and I am blessed to have access to all the lovely foodstuffs Green Earth Organics has to offer.

My own ‘food journey’ has had many twists and turns (as anyone who has ever had to feed me will testify!). I have always been interested in health and the way different foods act upon our bodies. I have come to believe that there is no one correct path to healthy eating, and that we must find what suits us; what energises and nourishes us. Just because it is ‘healthy’ doesn’t mean it is good for us on an individual level.

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma; cancer of the lymph nodes. I was pregnant at the time. I had my baby (our beautiful Ella) and began chemotherapy two weeks after she was born. It was a tough time, but we got through it, and my focus on health became all important to me. Three years ago I gave up all forms of sugar (including fruit), and freed myself from an addiction which sometimes seemed to rule my life (In the interests of complete honesty I should add that I do use bananas and chia seed energy gels when I am running marathons!). A year ago I became a vegan and feel I have finally arrived in my happy place. Finally I am eating in a way which truely nourishes my body, my mind and my soul. After the many restrictions of the different ‘diets’ I had followed over the years, I felt like a whole world of food opened up to me, and I still take real joy in cooking vegan food.

And this is where this blog comes to life. Kenneth has often said that others would love the recipes of the dishes I cook, so I started taking photographs and recording them, and after discussion with Kenneth, I have started this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it, and trying out the recipes. The start of a new journey, who knows where we will end up?